The Chase newbie Darragh Ennis pocketing £22.50 to exchange tips on how to win the jackpot

THE Chase newbie Darragh Ennis could face the wrath of bosses after providing insider info to prospective players on how to win the show's jackpot.

The brainiac, who joined as The Menace in November after winning as a contestant in 2017, pocketed £22.50 in exchange for tips that could cost the ITV quiz show thousands after bemoaning that there were “not enough great quizzers” in recent episodes.

In his masterclass, Darragh, 40, urged players to take the lowest offer provided by The Chasers – a move hated by viewers and producers alike for being cowardly.

He said: “The thing is to get the most people back.

"All three of my team took the negative offer and it was the right thing to do because those head start steps are the difference.

“That’s the advantage the contestants have. If four contestants get back, 40 per cent of [the time], that team wins.”

Irishman Darragh also explained how to avoid wasting valuable seconds in the final chase, where teams compete for the jackpot.

He said: "I was in a team with a lot of nervous people, so I took over.

"I told them at the start of the Final Chase I would give them half a second to answer the question otherwise I was buzzing in.

"Dead time on the show is just the pits. If you're waiting for someone else to answer and you go one, two, three seconds, that's a waste.

"That's a full question you could have got in and it's key in the final about racking up the numbers."

Darragh's other insights, posted on fan messaging app Cameo, including never passing on a question.

He said: "Saying the word pass is the worst thing you can do, absolutely the worst thing you can do.

"Just throw out an answer. Doesn't matter how stupid it is, it just might be right and it will never be right if it's pass."

Darragh originally appeared on The Chase as a contestant in March 2017, where he successfully took on Paul 'The Sinnerman' Sinha.

He won £9,000 for his team during the money building round and contributed 14 correct answers in the Final Chase, leaving Sinha with the insurmountable challenge of topping their 23 steps.

In January, Darragh was forced to deny he had left The Chase after he didn't appear for over a month.

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