The Chase's Paul Sinha promises the 'most dramatic contestant ever' on new Beat The Chasers series

THE Chase's Paul Sinha has promised fans the 'most dramatic contestant ever' on the new Beat The Chasers series.

Following the successful debut series, the primetime spin-off is back for another series.

The five chasers have returned and are ready to go up against a brand new set of contestants.

Speaking of the contestants, one member of the Chasers quintet Paul ‘THE SINNERMAN’ Sinha has assured viewers they will see the most dramatic contestant yet.

When asked about the funniest moments with the contestants, Paul told ITV: "One contestant brought a completely different tactical game and ended up being one of the most dramatic contestants we’ve ever had on
Beat The Chasers.

"I will say no more than that. There is real, real drama in this series."

With the lockdown delaying filming of the second series, Paul elaborated on if he thought it help give the participants extra preparation.

“I don’t think anything quite prepares you. Having watched the first series, they will bring their own ideas of what tactics to employ," he explained.

"And they’ll have their own ideas of what’s a likely target to get back. And let’s not forget, there’s no consistent pattern to the offers.

"They don’t know what offers they’re going to get. They have to really play on the fly to a degree and work things out on the day.”

In this spin-off of The Chase, which is also hosted by Bradley Walsh, the solo quizzer to take on two, three, four or all five chasers as opposed to just one.

As is the case with any team, the five Chasers each bring something different to the table, which Paul explains.

“We all have our roles in the team. I think me and Mark are there for the speed. I think it’s established that Mark and I are quite likely to answer questions as quick as humanly possible," he said.

"And then Jenny’s very much for the difficult entertainment questions, Anne for the difficult art and literature, Sean for difficult sports and history questions.

"We all have our role. But when the questions are relatively straight forward, it’s for Mark and I to buzz in and try and save time."

Beat the Chasers series two will begin on January 3rd on ITV.

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