'The Family' On Netflix is About to Be Your Next True Crime Obsession

Welp, it’s officially the weekend, which means it’s just about time for you to dive into another conspiracy theory. You probably haven’t come across this one in your YouTube searches for “Is Katy Perry JonBenét Ramsey?” or “Did Melissa Vandella become Avril Lavigne?” but it should be on your radar because it involves some of the world’s most powerful leaders.

Netflix’s latest docuseries, The Family, investigates a super secretive Christian Conservative organization in Washington, D.C. called The Fellowship Foundation, but referred to internally as “the Family.” According to Jeff Sharlet, the author of the book that the series is based on,hey believe that “the real message of Christ is not so much love, as strength.” Sure, that sounds innocent enough. Until you realize that the Family has lots of power all over the world, and they’re not using it for good. Check out the trailer, and try not to get goosebumps.

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Jeff began investigating the organization in his twenties, when he briefly lived in their D.C. home. (You’ll see how he ended up there when you watch the doc. It’s weird as hell.) It was basically a cleaner frat house in the sense that there was no swearing, drinking, or drugs permitted. Living with the “brothers” of the Family allowed Jeff to get an inside look at one of the world’s largest, most influential “invisible networks,” and man, it is nuts. I won’t spoil too much, but I will tease that affairs and disappearing presidential candidates are some of the least troubling, scandalous parts of The Family.

Besides the fact that five episodes is kind of a force and some of the dramatizations are mad cheesy, this is a must watch. As this genius tweet puts it, this is “essentially the prologue to The Handmaid’s Tale.”

the family on Netflix essentially is the prologue to the handmaids tale

But like, it’s real. Everything’s scary and on fire. It’s fine.

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