The One Show sparks backlash for ruining The Repair Shop special

The Repair Shop Christmas special preview

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On Monday night’s The One Show, Harry Judd and Michelle Ackerley were back to present the latest BBC instalment. The pair welcomed a number of guests into the studio including MacKenzie Crook and Vicky McClure. However, viewers were left outraged when the show aired a preview clip from The Repair Shop’s Christmas special.

The clip showed Jay Blades, Julie Tatchell and Amanda Middleditch in the barn as they welcomed Jean and her two daughters.

The trio had brought the experts a Santa Claus teddy bear that needed restoring.

Jean explained she and her late husband bought the toy in 1962 from Woolworths.

“Santa means the world to me now because of my husband,” the guest told Jay.

“And now the children have got him, they now think of him all the time.”

“It would be nice to have him as nice, happy chappy,” Sharon went on to explain.

When asked what he looked like in his former glory, the guests said: “He used to be able to stand. He has gone all floppy.”

As the experts got to work, it was clear Amanda and Julie had a challenge on their hands.

When it came to the big reveal, Jean was left speechless by the transformation.

The guests broke down in tears as they praised Julie and Amanda for bringing him back to life.

However, The One Show viewers were left fuming by the preview, and many took to social media to share their frustrations.

Alan S penned: “Thanks for spoiling the Christmas Repair Shop @bbc #TheOneShow.”

Roz replied: “I thought that too whilst watching that ‘short clip’…”

Cris Samways wrote: “No need to watch that part of the Christmas @TheRepairShop as #theoneshow have given away the surprise.

“Well done, complete spoiler. Thanks @BBCOne – idiots.” (sic)

While Sue Marie added: “So #theoneshow has just ruined #therepairshop Christmas special by showing the Santa being fixed and what it looks like. No point watching now ffs.” (sic)

“#TheOneShow Christ I thought you were going to show the whole episode there. What is that all about,” user @xDiamond_Girlx fumed.

User @StoneAsleep fumed: “@BBCTheOneShow thanks for showing such a long clip of the Christmas repair shop including the results of the repair.

“Absolutely no point watching it now.”

“@BBCTheOneShow thanks for the spoiler of The Repair Shop,” user @Indyscotforme tweeted.

The One Show airs weekdays at 7pm on BBC One.

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