The One Shows Ronan Keating scolds crew as they laugh at cringe throwback clip

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Ronan Keating was left red-faced while presenting The One Show on Thursday when producers pulled up a flash back clip of him wearing a rather snug pair of snake skin trousers.

While chatting to interviewing legend Michael Parkinson and actor Ryan Reynolds via video link, BBC producers thought it would be a great idea to go through the archive and show a short video of former boyband member Ronan in a pair of wet-look animal print leg wear.

As the studio erupted into laughter, Ronan scolded the crew and asked them what was so funny.

Kick starting the conversation Ronan's co-host Alex Jones said: "Now we had a root around the BBC archives and what did we find Ronan?"

"A fresh faced young thing on Parkinson telling us all about his ambitions for his career.

"Have a look and wait till the camera pulls out because the trousers, they're special."

A short video of Ronan on Parkinson was played in the studio and for the viewers at home.

But as soon as the video tape ended Ronan took a swipe at the crew who could be heard laughing hysterically in the background.

Looking around in despair, Ronan joked: "Don't laugh! What you lot laughing at!"

The presenter appeared to be even more confused when he noticed Ryan Reynolds was also chucking at his expense too.

Pointing to Ryan on the screen, Ronan said: "No, no not you Ryan! Oh no!"

When Ryan questioned Ronan on the material of his snake skin number, Ronan chimed: "No animals were hurt in the pants."

Adding salt to the sore wound, Alex said: Surely Michael you were distracted by those trousers.

"How can you have a serious interview with somebody with such, well, alternative fashion choices?"

"It was a long time ago," Ronan explained.

Viewers at home also saw the funny side to Ronan's snake skin emblement and took to Twitter to air their opinions.

One fan jokingly asked: "Was Ronan going through an early midlife crisis with those trousers?"

While another penned: "Absolutely howling at Ronan's kecks, made my night."

"Ronan Keating those trousers were amazing!" A third exclaimed.

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