The Repair Shops Jay Blades shares struggles as he admits its hard

Hungry Jay Media’s take on work/life balance

Jay Blades has made a candid admission about struggling to find the perfect balance between working and spending time with his loved ones.

Taking to his Hungry Jay Media Instagram, The Repair Shop expert took the opportunity to answer his fans’ questions.

In a segment titled, Ask Jay Anything, the TV presenter penned: “Here’s @jaybladesmbe with another #AskJayAnything!

“Keep your questions coming in – we love getting them and so does Jay! Have a fab week, everyone.”

Jay said in the video: “Now this is probably one of the hardest questions. If you’re in TV, it is really hard until you’ve got to a certain level. I know you want to hear the question.”

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The Repair Shop star continued: “All right, here we go. How do you juggle your personal life with your busy work commitments?

“As you’re growing through the ranks you’re gonna take on loads of different jobs and that’s what I’ve done.

“Just take on loads of different jobs and when you get to a certain level, let’s say you’re a top actor, like someone like Dame Judi Dench, you kind of pick what you want to do.

“But me it’s really, really hard to juggle the personal life and the business…it is really hard.”

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“So I don’t know how to juggle it but I make sure that I make time for my family, which is really, really important,” Jay added.

“And then I’ve also got to make time for work. I’ve got to be available on both ends and how do you do that?

“If you find a way, phone it in, send an email, or even a carrier pigeon… let me know how you do it properly because I’m still struggling there.”

Jay is best known for fronting The Repair Shop, but the furniture restorer has also featured in a host of other TV programmes.

More recently, he announced his new series with Sir David Jason, Touring Toolshed.

He has also featured in Jay’s Yorkshire Workshop, Jay Blades’ Home Fix, and Jay Blades: No Place Like Home.

He currently has his own Channel 5 show which explores the history of East London.

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