This Morning fans feel sorry for helpless Vanessa Feltz

Prince Harry: Wright and Tominey clash over ‘Palace briefings’

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This Morning fans leapt to the defence of Vanessa Feltz on Thursday as they noticed she seemed to be “stuck in the middle” of a clash on the Royal Family between Camilla Tominey and Matthew Wright. The Two broadcasters were discussing the latest revelations made by Prince Harry in a leaked extract from his autobiography Spare.

Josie Gibson and Dermot O’Leary were leading the discussion over new reports about a physical altercation between Prince William and Harry.

In a leaked extract reported in The Guardian, Harry claims William attacked him during a row over Meghan Markle.

Camilla and Matthew clashed over the accusation and the Royal Family’s subsequent silence.

The Royal Family has taken a “dignified silence” argued Camilla.

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She continued: “The Royal Family’s reasonableness in all this makes it seem even more unreasonable as the days go on.

“So this policy probably is the right one…,” she added before being cut off by Matthew.

“I just find the idea that you think the palace aren’t briefing against them as just naive in the extreme,” he said.

“I think there’s relentless briefing going on. Whether it’s done directly or by the Daily Mail.”

Camilla interjected: “But Matt, Matt, Matt,” as he hit back: “Just let me have a moment.”

However, she continued to interrupt and asked: “Do you not think people can make their own minds up?”

This Morning viewers noticed Vanessa was figuratively and literally stuck in the middle of the debate as she sat between Camilla and Matthew.

@JoviGirl_1980 tweeted: “Actually feel quite sorry for Vanessa sat there in the middle with these two arguing over her #awkward #ThisMorning.”

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Alongside a video of the row, @thetipsypuffin shared: “Vanessa stuck in the middle of these two like: #ThisMorning.”

@MadameMinge agreed: “I feel oddly sorry for Vanessa today, she’s like the helpless Nan in between the fighting grandkids on that sofa… #ThisMorning.”

@TellyVsPodcasts added: “Why is Matthew Wright leering forward across poor Vanessa, shouting over her, interrupting any view she tries to voice and physically stretching across her personal space #ThisMorning.”

Later on in the debate, Vanessa shared her own thoughts on the latest royal bombshell.

She said: ” Am I the only person who thinks that all of this is so skewed and weird, because we’re talking now about fisty-cuffs, violent altercations, William grabs Harry and rips off his necklace, Harry breaks the dog bowl, serious, serious.

“But think back to everyone’s Christmas.As soon as you go back home to your family, you start to behave like you do when you were 12, six, and three, you know you do. Everybody reverts back to childhood.

“How many people – I’m not saying got into a really deep punch up and violently attack relatives – but who didn’t just [hit] your sister over the Christmas, or grab a present and give a bit of a kick. But how many people put it in a book?”

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