Tipping Point fans fume as finalist narrowly misses out on eye-watering jackpot

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Tipping Point viewers have been left fuming as one "muppet" finalist missed out on an eye-watering £10,000 jackpot in the latest episode.

Friday's episode (May 20) of the ITV quiz show saw contestant James beat out his fellow players Anj and Clare to reach the final and the chance to win £10k.

Having secured a prize pot of £3,850, James declined to risk his winnings on a trade and walked home with his pot.

However, it was later revealed that had James opted for the trade, he would knocked the jackpot counter and took home the full cash prize.

Posting to Twitter after the agonising show, Tipping Point fans had a few choice words for the unlucky player.

One viewer wrote: "You muppet."

A second social media user said: "He's just lost £6,150."

Meanwhile, a more sympathetic fan replied: "Hard cheese James. 3.5k ain't bad for a day oot tho."

Someone else quipped: "James, you right numpty."

Another concluded: "HE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE TRADE!"

Earlier in the show, James had informed Tipping Point host Ben Shephard of his plans to spend his winnings on a house deposit and lads holiday to Las Vegas.

Explaining his decision to walk way from the trade, James said: "It is so close to the edge but I feel like some of them counters on the top and the bottom are a little bit sparse.

"If there were a few more in there, I'd probably go for it but I feel like – especially with how that last round's gone – I would actually rue the day I decided to go for it and then it didn't work out.

"So I think I'm just going to take the cash."

After the jackpot counter was confirmed to have dropped had opted for the trade, Ben replied: "James!

"Let's not worry about that. It was a risk that you didn't want to take.

"£3,850 is a fantastic amount of money. Well done."

The tough turn of events follows a finalist earlier in the week opting for the trade and going home empty-handed – so, there are worse fates!

Tipping Point airs at 4pm on weekdays on ITV.

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