Too Hot To Handle’s Sophie Stonehouse says mother was ‘horrified’

Too Hot To Handle: Netflix releases teaser for season four

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Netflix’s steamy dating series Too Hot To Handle has returned to screens for the fourth season of horny singles hoping to find genuine love. After becoming one of the first to be evicted, Sophie Stonehouse exclusively discussed her mother’s reaction to her appearing on the show. 

During the first episode of Too Hot To Handle season four, the singles were unaware they were on the challenging dating series. 

The show was under the guise of Wild Love, a new series targeted towards romance, but they were stunned to see Too Hot To Handle’s virtual assistant Lana make an entrance. 

Although some had revealed who they were romantically interested in and others had already locked lips, Lana put a stop to all physical affection. 

Therefore during their stay at the villa, the singles were no longer allowed kiss, no heavy petting, no self-gratification and no sex was permitted. 

Although this was to encourage the contestants to have a genuine and emotional connection, there was also a major cash prize on the line. 

For each rule break, the group would be fined a major deduction from the $200,000 (£163,548) prize. 

Despite the money on the line, temptation did strike on multiple occasions which meant a huge sum of money was forfeited. 

Even Sophie Stonehouse found herself in the firing line after she and Creed McKinnon cost the group $6,000 for sharing a kiss, even after Lana had doubled the fines. 

During an exclusive interview with, Sophie reflected on season four and shared the reaction from her loved ones. 

“My mum was actually horrified, she was absolutely horrified,” she began.

“She’s so excited now, but at the time she was really, actually quite upset about the situation and I don’t think it comes from a place of disappointment or anything like that, because obviously, it’s a great opportunity for all of us. 

“But I think for her particularly, she didn’t understand the reality side of it, she was like, ‘Why’d you want to post what you’re like on TV?”

Sophie continued: “It’s an opportunity that I personally think you just need to go for because you learn a lot about yourself and it’s a growing experience, it’s a life experience.

“All of us are so close and it’s been super positive thing in my life especially.”

Speaking on her mother’s feelings now, the 22-year-old highlighted: “I think she’s super excited, she’s more excited than me, she keeps texting like, ‘Oh, my God, I can’t wait, this is the best thing ever.’”

Sophie became one of the first contestants to be eliminated from the show after she failed to build and maintain a genuine relationship.

She and Creed had told each other about their feelings for one another but their romance fell apart after the arrival of newcomer Flavia Laos Urbina. 

The two shared secret glances and flirtatious banter behind Sophie’s back and soon enough Creed was ready to jump ship. 

The tough conversation led to a bitter argument which resulted in Sophie being heartbroken throughout the remainder of her time on the show. 

As she often expressed interest in leaving the villa and was glad to be sent home as Sophie confessed she wasn’t truly ready to be in a relationship. 

Too Hot To Handle season 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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