TV stars are making out with mannequins in kissing scenes and it's a laugh

In what is shaping up to be the, for want of a better phrase, ‘new norm’ in the world of TV, people are absolutely losing it at the sight of actors making out with mannequins in new coronavirus-friendly kissing scenes.

This is sex now, guys.

But what’s really got us chuckling is a clip that circulated on Twitter this week of actor Lawrence Saint-Victor getting hot and heavy with a dummy in a scene from The Bold And The Beautiful, which really is a thing of magic.

The Twittersphere blew up big time over the weekend when user @Simsimmaaz shared a TikTok of Carter Walton (Lawrence) kissing mannequin-Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) from last week’s episode.

Fans flocked to the hilarious shot, which was put together with some rather crafty editing if we do say so ourselves, as a saucy scene of Carter caressing the dummy’s plastic back made us giggle. A lot.

Honestly, this is acting. You’d hardly know, apart from the way in which there was absolutely no movement in Zoe, as if her whole body and neck was fused together.

The logistics, if you were wondering, involve a socially-distanced actor reciting lines as their on-camera scene partner responds in a ‘low, intimate voice’ while engaging in the same kind of ‘beautiful, yearning eye contact’ with an off-camera doll that Lawrence mastered.

Bell added: ‘But the fact is they’re all alone on the stage, making television magic.’

Magic…that’s one word for it.

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