Wedding twist for Tracy, brutal attack and shock pregnancy in Emmerdale

There is a familiar face in Emmerdale next week, and she is thrown straight into the drama as she is about to get married.

Cain and Moira Dingle (Jeff Hordley and Natalie J Robb) become convinced that Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) plans to halt Tracy Shankley’s (Amy Walsh) wedding, and Cain takes characteristically drastic action.

Having kidnapped Nate, will Cain find that he has made a major mistake?

Over at Home Farm, there is baby news as a delighted Dawn Fletcher (Olivia Bromley) shares the news that she is pregnant.

But, as celebrations are underway, not everyone is happy?

Elsewhere, Amelia Spencer’s (Daisy Campbell) weird tormentor Lloyd refuses to leave her alone, prompting Dan (Liam Fox) to smack him one.

But will he regret it?

Here’s what to expect next week.

Monday July 3

Moira and Cain hear from Nicola that Nate is heading to the town hall. Fearing he’s about to do something stupid and fight for custody of Frankie, they race off to stop him.

Spotting Tracy in a wedding dress outside the Registry Office with a man, Cain and Moira conclude that Nate is planning to crash her wedding. Cain acts decisively and kidnaps Nate before he can go inside, knocking him out in the process.

Coming round in the van back in the village, Nate is aghast by what they have done.

Dan feels like he’s successfully warded Lloyd off and is positive as reassured Amelia confirms she’s blocked his number.

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But soon a very serious PC Swirling arrives; Lloyd has made a complaint about Dan after his threats yesterday. Swirling warns Dan not to take the law into his own hands. 

Laurel wants to help improve relations between Rishi and Jai. Jai is dismissive but Rishi is hopeful for a reconciliation with his son.

Liam and Wendy are excited to continue their affair.

Tuesday July 4

Victor is saddened to see Naomi’s money woes, and nudges her towards getting some of Vinny’s windfall. 

Dan tells Amelia just how proud he is of her. She is content and happy her life is finally heading in the right direction.

The aftermath of the wedding and the kidnap raises tensions.

Wednesday July 5

Dan’s warning seems to have had no effect as sinister Lloyd turns up at the church. Amelia is scared but Lloyd tries to explain his actions.

Soon, Dan’s good mood is disrupted when he sees Lloyd and Amelia together. Marching over from outside the garage to confront his daughter’s unapologetic stalker, Dan snaps and punches Lloyd

Naomi’s taken aback when Vinny offers to lend her some money and encouraged by Victor, she accepts.

Thursday July 6

A delighted Naomi receives the cash from Vinny and when Victor suggests Naomi keep her new money instead of paying off her debts, she is tempted.

Later, when Naomi is accused of giving Victor free pints, she quits her job and storms out.

Furious at her run in, Naomi vents to her grandad and is becoming seriously tempted by Victor’s suggestion to take her money and ditch the village to live her life.

Kim finds a pregnancy test in the bin. Gabby quickly dismisses her suspicions and when Dawn is sickly, it’s immediately clear who the test really belongs to.

When Billy arrives, he’s overjoyed at the news that Dawn is pregnant. 

Friday July 7

Charity and Marlon are peeved to hear that Ryan’s given his girlfriend, Gail, a job in the Woolpack kitchen

Everyone’s celebrating Dawn’s pregnancy except for morose Gabby. 

Someone faces consequences for their actions.

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