Why is Andrea McLean leaving Loose Women?

LOOSE Women fans have been left shocked after Andrea McLean revealed she was leaving the show.

The 51-year-old TV host has become a staple on the panel and will be sorely missed by viewers.

Why is Andrea McLean leaving Loose Women?

On November 30, 2020, Andrea revealed she would be leaving Loose Women.

The TV star made the announcement at the end of the show.

She revealed she has made the difficult decision so that she can focus on her website and brand, This Girl is on Fire.

The website is a lifestyle site that is designed to inspire women.

When is Andrea McLean leaving Loose Women?

Fear not, you still have more time with Andrea.

She will be leaving Christmas 2020.

An exact date is to be confirmed by ITV.

What did Andrea McLean say about leaving Loose Women?

Holding back the tears, Andrea told viewers: "So many people are talking about how they can't wait for life to get back to normal and I sat and did that, I thought: 'Do I want my life to go back to the normal it was before?'

"Last year I had a nervous breakdown and what I felt was this year, collectively, the world had a breakdown and the experience I had means that this year I was mentally really strong to deal with everything that the pandemic threw at us."

Andrea continued: "But it made me stop and think: 'What do I actually want?' If there is anything that can show us you only get one life…

"Are you living it the way you want? Doing everything you want to do? Being brave and taking chances? And I realised no."

The star then became visibly choked up as she burst into tears, saying: "I didn't think I was going to cry, but I'll be leaving soon."

"I want to be brave; all the incredible feedback I had from my book, I want to bring it to life.

"It was a really, really big decision to jump and see if I fall or fly and I just thought that I would never know unless I try, so I am saying goodbye to Loose Women."

Andrea repeatedly apologised for crying as she confirmed it was her choice to leave, and that she will be on our screens for a little longer yet.

She said: "I am not leaving today, it's just my day to tell you guys. ITV have been amazing, I've been anchoring Loose Women for 13 years, I've been part of ITV for over 23 years and the team have been so amazing.

"You just never know unless you try so I want to put myself out there and see what the universe has in store – and help as many women as I can."

How long was Andrea on Loose Women?

Andrea joined Loose Women in 2007, replacing Jackie Brambles.

Before that she was he GMTV weather presenter, and was replaced by Kirsty McCabe.

She was on the morning show from 1997 to 2008.

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