Yellowstone fans expose glaring plot holes in Roarkes death So reckless

Yellowstone: Cole Hauser on Roarke Carter’s death

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Rip Wheeler (played by Cole Hauser) took out rival businessman Roarke Morris (Josh Holloway) in the most horrific way possible in the latest episode of Yellowstone. The acclaimed Paramount Western series is finally back on screens, but some observant viewers are already spotting some egregious mistakes.

The right-hand man of ranch owner John Dutton (Kevin Costner) leapt into action as his boss recovered at home.

Season three of the popular drama concluded with a shocking attack on the Dutton family, and Market Equities’ Roarke shot to the top of Rip’s hit list.

Tough-as-nails ranch hand Rip surprised Roarke at his usual fishing spot with a deadly gift.

Rip opened a cooler to reveal an angry rattlesnake, which leapt straight at the face of an unsuspecting Roarke.

Roarke was kicked to the ground for good measure as the snake swam away, and the greedy landowner slowly succumbed to the poison.

Most viewers were thrilled to see the shady Market Equities stockholder done away with, but his death seems to have opened up some cavernous plot holes.

One critical fan took to Reddit to claim Rip’s risky plan had several pitfalls.

User sbw2fan said: “That was a rattlesnake right? Not some exotic thing from Australia? Because rattlers are not deadly.”

They claimed the odds of dying from a rattler bite are just one in 1000, depending on the breed.

Plus, death only usually occurs between six to 48 hours after the bite was received.

Although Roarke’s death was undoubtedly slow and painful, the bite wouldn’t have made him lose consciousness nearly as quickly as it did.

Rip is certainly a formidable adversary, but Roarke would still have had control over his limbs to at least fight back in his final moments.

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Moreover, there should have been plenty of time for him to rush to the nearest hospital and try and source an antidote.

This viewer also suggested Rip could be having some unpleasant conversations with local law enforcement after his thoughtless actions.

They continued: “Rip is clever enough to throw the snake at Roarke to make it look like just a random event, but then leaves a big ol’ footprint on his chest?”

Rip manages to devise a perfect plan to kill Roarke without leaving any evidence but instead decides to put himself in danger by goading his fallen enemy.

“I get that CSI doesn’t exist in the Yellowstone universe,” the fan admitted.

“As has been proven many, many times, but why would he be that reckless?”

Yellowstone viewers often have to suspend their level of disbelief as the Dutton family continues to get away with horrendous crimes to defend their land.

Even so, Rip’s admittedly cool but otherwise ill-advised plan to take out Roarke has clearly taken things a step too far.

Yellowstone season 4 continues Sundays on Paramount.

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