Yellowstone season 4: Fans all have the same criticism over newcomer Summer

Yellowstone: Piper Perabo discusses her character's origins

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Yellowstone season four will air with a double-bill on The Paramount Network on November 7. The Western melodrama will welcome some new faces, including relentless animal activist, Summer Higgins (played by Piper Perabo). Viewers have taken to Instagram to air their grievances over the new character and they have all shared the same thought.

Who is Summer in Yellowstone?

Summer Higgins is an activist from Portland who is fighting the state-funded police force that protects industrialized farming and the killing of animals.

Fans are yet to find out whether Summer will become a friend or foe to the Duttons, who have political influence.

She could have the ability to bring the Yellowstone ranch into even more disrepute and could even expose their biggest secrets.

If she is able to sway police, they may give up their level of protection over the ranch.

Actress Piper Perabo said: “What’s exciting about season 4? It’s gonna be bad***.”

However, fans have taken to the official Yellowstone Instagram account to air their thoughts on her character.

Omgitslaureng said: “Thanks I hate her already.” Meanwhile, November_2689 said: “Good job, Piper. I already hate your character just with the trailer.”

Many viewers held the same opinion, with ifoundtravis228s adding: “I already hate her character. Please don’t make this show woke please please please.”

Da_rugby added: “Her character is going to be annoying.” Some viewers have suggested she may meet her demise early on.

Jjpardo24 said: “All aboard to the train station.”

Actress Perabo revealed more about what to expect from her character in a video interview.

She said: “This season I play Summer who comes to Montana as an animal activist, but she starts to learn what’s going on and her plans get a lot bigger.

“It’s pretty cool to come on board Yellowstone. This season there is an airport they are trying to build.

“And although I was in the area doing protests, to protest the building of an airport is a much bigger deal and much more dangerous.”

The actress explained how her husband, who is a director and producer, worked with Taylor Sheridan on another huge show.

She said: “They worked together on a show called Sons of Anarchy. It makes sense that they would both land together on a show like Yellowstone.

“Because those are the kind of worlds they build. What’s exciting about season four…it’s gonna be bad***.”

Fans have questioned whether she will join the Duttons in their fight against the takeover of the ranch.

Tammyhardie said: “Getting too many characters against the Duttons…too many new characters overall for season four.”

Yzy_warrior replied: “If she is protesting the airport then she could be a Dutton family ally.”

However, as an animal activist, she is likely to clash with the Duttons as they are cattle ranchers.

There is a chance she could change her mind about the Duttons as the airport plans take over her agenda.

Yzy_warrior added: “She then says she switches to a bigger cause to protest the airport.

“I bet she is an important piece of their plan. Can’t wait for the new season!”

The first two episodes will air back to back, so hopefully fans will find out a lot about the fate of the family.

Yellowstone season 4 will air on The Paramount Network on November 7.

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