A Place In The Sun presenter Laura Hamilton suffers ‘serious panic’ on flight to Spain

Laura Hamilton, 37, has opened up about a turbulent flight, detailing how it took a turn for the worse after the captain called for the cabin crew to take their seats “immediately”. The A Place In The Sun presenter spoke about the “panic” in an Instagram story which she shared with her 58,500 followers. The Channel 4 favourite could be seen make-up free, sat in the lounge area of her residence in Marbella, Spain. Laura explained: “Hey, I hope you’ve all had a lovely day. I’m just chilling at home in Spain at the moment and I know the weather’s not great back home in the UK. It wasn’t great onboard the flight either.

And I don’t mind flying because I fly all the time but I swear today the turbulence on the flight was absolutely ridiculous

Laura Hamilton

“And my husband always says, ‘Yeah, whatever Laura,’ because every time I get on a flight without him I say, ‘The turbulence was pretty bad’.

“And I don’t mind flying because I fly all the time but I swear today the turbulence on the flight was absolutely ridiculous.”

She continued: “I have never, ever had a captain say on the tannoy, ‘Cabin crew take your seats immediately’.

“It was like a serious panic.”

The blonde beauty commented that one of her Instagram followers was also on her flight and was equally stunned by the rocky flight.

“What was amazing is one of the lovely people who follows me on Instagram called Vanessa, was on the flight as well,” explained Laura.

“And she came up to me when the seat belt sign went off and introduced herself, which was lovely.”

The holiday property expert added: “And she said, ‘Can you believe how turbulent this flight was?’

“So yes, she can vouch for me Alex. Anyway, I hope you have a lovely evening. I’m going to pour myself a large glass of wine and relax.”

The mother-of-two, who shares her two children – Rocco Goward, five, and Thalia Goward, five, – with husband Alex Howard, appeared to have recovered from the panic flight as she shared a clip from her balcony today.

Capturing the sunrise, she wrote on the post: “Good morning,” as she played Feeling Good by Nina Simone in the background.

The Channel 4 presenter is currently overseas as she films for an upcoming series of A Place In The Sun.

Meanwhile, Laura made a big announcement on the picture-sharing site as she revealed some exciting news.

The presenter made the front cover of Property Hub magazine, and she captioned the post: “COVER GIRL! I’ve been passionate about buying, renovating and selling property since I was 19 years old… and that is almost 19 years!

“Now you know my age! #property #passionate #renovations #cover #magazine @propertyhubuk @bellepr_ @sarah.heathfield @andynewboldphot.”

Fans offered their congratulatory messages, as one person said: “Looking forward to reading this one.”

Another person quipped: “You don’t look a day over 19 now!”

A Place In The Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm.

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