A Video Has Emerged of Sydney Sweeney Seemingly Being Harassed at the Met Gala

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney attended the annual Met Gala for the first time on Monday night, and a video has emerged of her seemingly being harassed by someone on the red carpet.

Footage of Sydney on the carpet was reportedly posted on the New York Times’ fashion account, and a clip from that footage was then shared on TikTok by Sabrina Bergsten who noted “Sydney Sweeney deserved better that night, and all women deserve better when it comes to being harassed point-blank.”

In the video, Sydney is walking the carpet while a person off-camera appears to call out “Does anyone have boobs like you down there? Come on, show us those boobs.”

Buzzfeed News initially reported on the video, but has since updated their article to note that a source who spoke with people in attendance claimed the person actually called out, “Does anyone have moves like you down there? Come on, show us those moves.”

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Buzzfeed News reached out to The Met for comment, who said that they have “rigorous review process for applications” and that “This was just brought to our attention — and we are neither clear if the allegation is accurate nor who the reporter may have been — yet surely we would not condone any of our guests being treated in this unprofessional manner.”

Sweeney’s reps declined to comment on the incident.

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