Amanda Seyfried's Elizabeth Holmes Voice in 'The Dropout' Is Scarily Accurate and Twitter Is Bowing Down

The entire saga of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos feels stranger than fiction, which is probably why multiple fictional versions of the story were announced after the Silicon Valley blood testing startup’s fraud was exposed.

Hulu’s take on the ordeal, The Dropout (based on the podcast of the same name), premiered March 3 with Amanda Seyfried in the lead role as Theranos founder/notorious fraudster Elizabeth Holmes. IRL, Holmes was known for her very crafted image, which included a wardrobe full of Steve Jobs-inspired black turtlenecks and a deep voice that some have said is an affectation. While wardrobe handled the turtleneck supply, Amanda was the one tasked with perfecting an Elizabeth Holmes impression—and, for the record, she DEFINITELY succeeded.

Here’s a clip that highlights Amanda’s Elizabeth Holmes voice:

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