Austin Butler Was Nervous to Work with Tom Hanks: Thats Woody

Austin Butler is opening up about being nervous to work with Tom Hanks.

The two of course star in the new movie Elvis together, as Elvis Presley and his manager Colonel Tom Parker, respectively.

During a recent town hall discussion, Austin shared what it was like meeting Tom for the first time.

Find out what he said inside…

“You know, you hear him laugh down the hallway and I just go that’s Woody. But, yeah, I I’ll say when I met Tom the first time, I was very nervous. You know, it’s always a thing of meeting your heroes,” Austin shared during the SiriusXM Town Hall.

“And he just, I was in the back of Baz‘s house in Australia and they were standing out by this little creek that they had in the back. And I see Baz and Tom standing off in the distance and I’m kind of walking up thinking, ‘okay, what am I gonna say?’” he continued. “And Tom turns around and he sees me and he just goes, ‘my boy, give me a hug.’ And he gives me the biggest bear hug. And then just, you broke down all the barriers of that, that thing. And I, I revere you to this day, but you humanize yourself for me and I I’m forever grateful.”

Pictured in the gallery here: Austin, Tom, co-star Olivia DeJonge and director Baz Luhrmann at the SiriusXM Town Hall held at Graceland in Memphis, Tenn.

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