Azealia Banks & Aimee Song Share Their Private Instagram DMs Amid Feud

Rapper Azealia Banks and fashion blogger Aimee Song are feuding online and they both posted receipts from their Instagram DMs.

It all started when Aimee noticed something Azealia posted on her Instagram.

“I don’t really call people out publicly or cancel anyone but when I saw that this woman [was] fat shaming Lana Del Rey, I decided I’d message her directly,” Aimee posted, along with a receipt of the conversation. You can read the snippet below, where Azealia calls Aimee a “d-ke.” Warning: it contains potentially triggering language that we have censored.

Azealia then posted more receipts on her Instagram Story, plus, she released her own statement on the back-and-forth she had with Aimee.

Click through the gallery to see how Azealia Banks responded, plus read her statement on their feud…

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