Britney Spears Would Have Had a Baby Without “Handmaid's Tale” Conservatorship

Britney Spears has been dating hunky boyfriend Sam Asghari for ages. Still, there’s been no sign of an engagement.

Apparently, that’s because the decision is out of Britney’s hands. Her conservatorship keeps her from marrying or having more kids.

Britney Spears‘ makeup artist Maxi spoke in a recent episode of the Calababes Podcast.

They have said that Britney, who is a 38-year-old mother of two, would have had another baby by now and would have married hunky boyfriend Sam Asghari.

But she and the 26-year-old cannot tie the knot or grow their family … because of the conservatorship.

“I can tell you what they’re still controlling to this day is whether she has a baby or not,” Maxi revealed on the podcast.

They continued, saying that Jamie Spears has final say as to “whether she gets married or not.”

In fact, they add that the conservatorship even determines “who her friends are.”

“And those are some big things,” Maxi correctly states.

Then, they go on to compare Britney’s legal status to the horrors depicted on The Handmaid’s Tale.

The series, based upon Margaret Atwood’s novel by the same name, follows women living under an oppressive government that oppresses their reproductive rights.

“We’re talking about some Handmaid’s Tale-type things,” Maxi says, “to keep her from having a baby.”

“Like, we’re talking … I can’t detail it and I’m not gonna specifically say,” they add.

“But I will say for sure,” Maxi continues, that if it were not for the conservatorship, “she would’ve had a baby by now.”

“[Britney] would’ve probably been married to Sam by now,” Maxi continues.

“She would have groups of friends around her,” they continue.

Instead she has little control over her romantic life and even less over her social life, a situation that Maxi characterizes as being “sad.”

Maxi does say that, these days, Britney is able to exercise “more control over her social media” than she could in the past.

Additionally, they characterize her overall situation is gradually “getting better” than it was before.

But it has been a long and painful climb uphill for Britney — and for Sam.

According to Maxi, the convervatorship made their relationship extremely difficult early on.

“At that time,” they note, “she was under the conservatorship basically controlled by the father,” which remains the situation.

“But even at that time,” they continue, “she was able to bring in Sam as a boyfriend.”

“Now Sam was put through hell by the father,” Maxi says, referring to the widely reviled Jamie Spears.

“And,” they admit, “I can’t detail all the things that he went through.”

“But,” Maxi says, “he went through a lot of hell to even be with her.”

Britney is already a mother to two sons.

Jayden James is 14. Sean Preston is 15. She shares them both with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

She is known to be a loving and devoted mother to her boys, always putting them first.

Britney suffered a breakdown in 2008 that was followed by the conservatorship first being established.

Initially set to last for one weekend, the conservatorship has instead lasted for 12 years.

Britney cannot vote, cannot drive her own cars, and cannot manage her own life or her own music career.

However, there may be a future for Britney in which she faces fewer restrictions on her fundamental human rights.

Her conservatorship has been under legal review this year amidst increased public scrutiny.

In fact, she has a new hearing early next year. Fans are keeping their fingers crossed that the court will finally #FreeBritney.

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