Jessica Alba's Twitter Hacked, Racist & Homophobic Tweets Sent Out

Jessica Alba‘s Twitter was hacked this weekend, which resulted in some truly horrible tweets being sent out under her name that spewed racist and homophobic sentiments.

The actor and entrepreneur’s official Twitter account was taken over by some bottom-feeding Internet troll in the dead of night early Sunday morning, and lo and behold … they took advantage of the platform with sickening messages. Obviously, it wasn’t actually JA.

Around 14 tweets were sent between midnight and around 1 AM PT, which is when it appears Jessica and her team became aware of what was going on and regained control.

Luckily, they were able to delete all of the heinous tweets — but, unfortunately for them, most of the tweets had been screenshot and shared online like wildfire.

We won’t repeat the messages verbatim — you can see a sample of some of them above — but if you’re curious, they were exactly the type of stuff you’d expect a racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, conspiracy theory-fueled scumbag to vomit up. It all sucked.

Now, the one consistent mention from the troll was rapper YNW Melly — who’s currently in custody and awaiting trial for a double murder he’s alleged to have been involved in.

Meanwhile, Jessica’s been mum on the hack … but she’s back in the driver’s seat.

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