Carrie Star Samantha Weinstein Dies at 28 After Battling Ovarian Cancer

The passing of the Canadian actress is confirmed by her father David Weinstein, who describes her as ‘a living embodiment of a sunbeam’ and as a person ‘full of positive energy.’

AceShowbizSamantha Weinstein has died at the age of 28. The “Carrie” star passed away at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, Canada on May 14 after losing her battle with ovarian cancer.

The passing of the actress was confirmed by her father David Weinstein. In remembrance of his daughter, he told Global News Canada, “Sam was actually a living embodiment of a sunbeam. She was so full of positive energy, anyone who ever met her would say that she just lit up every room she walked into.”

David went on to refer to his late daughter as a “very prolific” voice actress since “she could just let loose and be crazy… and have fun.”

Samantha’s mother Jojo Tindall-Weinstein also let out a statement via the news outlet. “The one thing that’s really struck me in the last week or so is … everyone who I talked to says that she changed their life,” she recalled. “And I know that sounds really dramatic, but people are really serious when they say that. Her infectious, positive attitude actually changed the way other people live.”

Samantha’s loved ones also paid tribute to the late actress. Sharing a series of her photos on her Instagram page, they sent a message to her followers, “Hello from the other side. Sam died on May 14th at 11:25am surrounded by her loved ones at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.”

“After two and a half years of cancer treatment, and a lifetime of jet setting around the world, voicing a plethora of cartoon animals, making music, and knowing more about life than most people ever will, she is off on her next adventure,” their message continued.

Samantha kick started her acting career at six years old. At the time, she became a voice actress for a number of animated television series. At the age of ten, she began to get roles in movies, including “Big Girl“, “Siblings“, “Ninth Street Chronicles” and “The Stone Angel“.

The actress playing Audrey O’Hara in “Jesus Henry Christ” went on to land the role of Heather in the 2013 remake of “Carrie”. She left the entertainment industry after she was diagnosed with cancer. According to her father, she made the decision since she wanted to “live the best life she could.”

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