Cody Simpson Wins 'Masked Singer' Australia, Gets Into Weird Feud with Lindsay Lohan Over Furniture

The singer also talks about that racy photo with Miley Cyrus’ hand down his pants, suggests Miley had never experienced a “romantic” guy before him.

It looks like Cody Simpson is the talk of the town in Australia now, too, though it’s for a slightly different reason than America’s current obsession.

Long suspected to be the Robot in the Aussie version of "The Masked Singer," Simpson was unmasked and revealed to be just that during Monday’s show … but not after he’d won the inaugural season of the juggernaut hit.

Meanwhile, stateside fans have been following his every move since he revealed his relationship with Miley Cyrus earlier this month. This included him catching a plane in recent days to fly back to Australia, which many took as confirmation that he was the Robot and needed to head home to do the promotional blitz after he got unmasked.

He’s been doing just that, celebrating his victory with the Australian media, though they also seem to be just as interested in his relationship with Cyrus and, unexpected, his relationship with "Masked Singer" judge Lindsay Lohan.

Before his big unmasking, the biggest fascination for American audiences — who wouldn’t recognize most of the Aussie celebs under the masks — was the hiring of Lohan to be one of the show’s judges. The actress and reality star is notorious for her erratic behavior and has a history of being problematic on film and television sets, so expectations were high that there may be some shenanigans in the works.

But while Australians were slow to embrace her daffy persona on the show, and mistrusting of her familiarity with Australian stars, it seems things have settled down. By the time she was calling out Simpson over furniture she claims he owes her, Australian Twitter was lit up and loving every moment of it.

And it turns out this wasn’t just some random Lohan commentary; she really did furnish his house once upon a time, as The Daily Mail broke down. Before he’d even been unmasked, Lohan was suspecting it was him beneath the costume and said, "If it is you, we have a lot to talk about, and this is not the arena for it. I want my furniture back! Because I bought your furniture for your house in Venice!

Simpson didn’t really seem to get it at first, but it dates back to when he was dating Lohan’s sister Ali last year. Lohan furnished a beach house the two of them lived together in on Venice Beach. But then, shortly after, Ali moved out and apparently the furniture didn’t.

When he was confronted about it on the show, Simpson seemed confused and joked he wasn’t even sure it showed up. But as the show was taped months ago, Simpson has since had time to figure out what Lohan was referring to, explaining to one local radio station that he’d been contentedly sleeping on a mattress on the floor when the Lohan sisters took over.

"I just didn’t really care, you know. They came into the house and kept like, ordering me stuff and it would show up to the house. [Lindsay] bought me a bed frame," he said.

During another radio appearance, this time for KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jacki O Show in Sydney, Simpson was asked about that racy photo of Miley slipping her hand down his pants and said it was really just about showing off their new ink.

"We took a few normal photos, but she put her hands in my pants and we just posted that one," he said nonchalantly. When asked if he was uncomfortable, Simpson said, "Do I look uncomfortable? I was so comfortable, look at me, I was so ready for it! I was about to lay down or lay up, I don’t know."

But his favorite part about the whole thing (and we totally agree) was that his own mother shared that picture to her own page, of all the ones she could have chosen, talking about how happy she was for the couple.

"I was like ‘Mum, you’re posted a photo of me with my girlfriend’s hands in my pants,’" Simpson laughed. Hilariously, Miley’s mom commented on it as well, with both women agreeing the relationship puts a smile on their faces. And them commenting on such a racy image put a smile on Cody’s face as well.

Simpson and Cyrus have been hot and heavy since their relationship went public on October 4, taking over social media with praise and accolades for one another. Simpson wrote a ballad for Cyrus when she was briefly hospitalized and she seemingly threw some shade at ex Liam Hemsworth by saying that Cody was the only good guy she’d known (she found a much more crude way to say it).

According to E!, Simpson told that same radio show that he was "very romantic" in his relationships, which he says is something new to Cyrus, which could be why she made the comments she did about the other guys she knows and has been involved with.

"I’d like to be the best boyfriend I could possibly be," he said.

Cyrus incited the wrath of the LGBTQ community with how she chose to express this, though, telling her followers "you don’t have to be gay" and "I always thought I had to be gay because I thought all guys were evil." She later retracted her statement, clarifying she wasn’t trying to suggest being gay was a choice, and was really just trying to bash "sucky guys."

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