Elton John says mum ‘ruined’ his wedding to David Furnish with jealous tantrum

Sir Elton John claims his mother attempted to spoil his wedding day to his long-term partner David Furnish in a fit of jealousy.

Writing in his new autobiography, the star has lifted the lid on his love-hate relationship with mum Sheila, who passed away in 2017 at the age of 92.

Sir Elton and David were due to enter a civil partnership on December 21 2005 – a few months after it became legal in the UK.

The couple planned to hold a large bash to celebrate their nuptials at their home Woodside in Old Windsor, complete with three marquees following the ceremony at the Guildhall in Windsor.

The private and intimate ceremony was to include just the two grooms, Elton’s mum and stepdad Derf, David’s parents, their dog and only four friends.

While Elton and David were deliriously happy to finally be able to make their union official, Elton claims his mother turned into a “raving sociopath”.

He wrote: “The first sign of something wrong was when she arrived at Woodside with Derf and wouldn't get out of the car.

“Despite various entreaties to come into the house, they just sat there, stony-faced.

“Then Mum announced she wouldn't be joining the convoy of cars setting off for Windsor, nor would she be coming to the private lunch afterwards.

“And with that, she and Derf suddenly drove off.

“Oh, great. The most important day of my life and one of Mum's moods appeared to be upon us, the ones I'd lived in terror of when I was young.”

Claiming that she gave it her best shot to ruin the whole day, Sir Elton described her increasingly offensive behaviour, which escalated during the civil partnership ceremony.

He revealed: “When David and I exchanged our vows, she started talking, very loudly, over the top of us: rattling on about how she didn't like the venue and couldn't imagine getting married in a place like this.

“When the time came for the witnesses to sign the licence, she signed her name, snapped: 'It's done, then,' slammed the pen down and stormed off.”

Her behaviour allegedly went further downhill during the party afterwards, where she “tutted, groaned and rolled her eyes”.

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