Gayle King praises Delta flight attendant who found her wallet

Gayle King has witnessed the power of social media.

The “CBS This Morning” anchor shared on Instagram Wednesday that she lost her wallet, but received a direct message from a Delta flight attendant who wanted to mail it back to her shortly after.

“Yes angels exist & her name is ZINA & she works for @delta,” King, 64, captioned a screen shot of their Instagram exchange. “I lost my wallet & had checked all cars, cvs aisles & work.”

She shared that it hadn’t occurred to her to check her DMs to see if someone found it, but fortunately her assistant, Joseph Zambrano, thought to tell her to look on Instagram.

In King’s inbox was a message that read “Hi Ms King! My name is Zina. I’m a Delta flight attendant. I found your wallet on the airplane this morning. Can I mail it to the address on your drivers license?”

Zambrano responded on behalf of King to thank the flight attendant and coordinate how to get the wallet back.

King shared that when this incident occurred, she was coincidentally working on a story about Instagram, which she said “just made my head explode.”

A rep for Delta wrote in the comments, “So happy to hear that Zina was able to get your wallet back to you, Gayle! It is always a rewarding feeling when our customers appreciate our efforts. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us – ah, the power of social media!”

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