Good Morning Americas Lara Spencer shares bittersweet family photo with mom and sister

Good Morning America star Lara Spencer has shared a bittersweet picture of her family, although she was missing two very important people.

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“Girls weekend [with[ mom and one of my sisters. Only thing missing is my other sis and my baby Kate,” she captioned the post referencing her daughter Kate who was unable to make the special outing.

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In the snap Lara wore a velvet cami vest with a large embellished Chanel necklace and she kept her blonde hair loose over her shoulders. Her lookalike sister wore white jeans and a navy blue cami while their mom rocked a bold orange-print shirt with chunky necklaces.

“Your mom does not age!” commented one fan as another wrote: “All beautiful! Nice to spend time with Mom and Sister. Treasure [the] memories.”

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Lara’s daughter Kate recently turned 18 and the news anchor shared several birthday tribute posts on Instagram, showcasing different stages of her daughter’s life at different ages.

Clearly overwhelmed to see her kids grow up so fast but proud of the young adult Kate had become, Lara captioned the post with a lengthy message alongside photographs of a young Kate helping her mom host the Miss America pageant.

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Lara shared this picture with her family

“Today is Kate’s 18th birthday,” Lara penned. “Going through the thousands of photos I have of my incredible girl makes my heart ache—with love and nostalgia and all the things that moms and dads feel seeing their babies grow up.

“Thankfully I have a job that has allowed me to bring my kids with me on adventures near and far. We have so many amazing memories, and I cherish each and every one. So in honor of you Kate, here’s the first of 18 special memories.”

She followed that up with another set of the two out in Newport, with Kate carrying around a giant net as Lara wrote: “Happy 18th Birthday to the #1 water drinker in the family. I love you, future tall nugget. I still had a few inches on you here…but not for long. Newport RI 2012.”

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