Hailey Bieber Explains Why She Would NEVER Do A Nude Photoshoot!

Hailey Bieber got real about setting certain boundaries within her career.

For her video series, A Conversation With, the 24-year-old model chatted with actress Yvonne Orji about their shared faith and bonded over the limitations they set for themselves within the business. During their conversation, Hailey admitted how she refused to pose nude but still receives criticism for photographing in lingerie and swimwear, saying:

“You’re an actress. You’re on this show where you are doing sex scenes and cursing and doing things that a lot of people who are Christian would probably see that and be like, ‘Oh, well you’re not a real Christian, because you’re doing sex scenes and you’re doing this. In a similar way sometimes, like for my job, I have to show skin or I’ll get photographed in underwear or lingerie. And people are like, ‘Well that’s not a good representation because you’re not modest and you’re not this.’”

And while she may not want to fully expose her body, the former ballet dancer recognizes how some women are happy to choose that route and that’s okay, expressing:

“I think I also take a place where I’m like, ‘OK, I wouldn’t ever want to be shot naked,’ but props to any woman that’s comfortable doing that.”

Nothing wrong with setting some boundaries!

Orji, whose role as Molly on Insecure has shown plenty of skin, shared how she also has clear restrictions and won’t show her full breasts on camera. And even though the 37-year-old actress has faced criticism for her beliefs, she hasn’t backed down on her stance. Yvonne also noted how “there’s no one way to be a Christian,” and she has learned to find a comfortable middle ground within the industry, explaining:

“I definitely did get Christians who were like, ‘I just don’t understand how you can say you love God and still…and I’m like, ‘I’m high key making it easier for the next Christian who wants to enter this field,’ when they deal with a director or production company, they can be like, ‘We know how to work with you.’ I think people think that there’s only one way to be a Christian. They did that with Jesus, and it’s just like, ‘No, he is the Christ. There is no Christianity without him.”

For Hailey, that ultimately shows how everyone has their own relationship with their beliefs, sharing:

“Your relationship with God is not going to be the same as mine and not the same as yours or any other person in this room or in the world. We all have different relationships and ways we relate to the Bible and relate to Jesus. To me, my relationship with Jesus is I believe that he was about love and acceptance.”

Thoughts, Perezcious readers??? You can also ch-ch-check out the entire conversation between Hailey and Yvonne (below):

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