Hilaria Baldwin reveals on Instagram she's 'experienced such darkness' in post referencing suicidal thoughts

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Hilaria Baldwin discussed overcoming thoughts of suicide and said she has experienced similar “darkness” on her Instagram Story. 
The mother of six took to her own Instagram Story on Sunday where she highlighted excerpts from a lengthy thread shared by “The Good Place” actress Jameela Jamil two weeks ago. In it, Jamil discussed how negative attention online drove her into a severe depression more than one year prior that led to negative thoughts of suicide. However, she was given a massive boost of confidence when she landed a dream role. 

In June, Jamil landed a part on the Disney+ series “She-Hulk” and shared a video with her followers of the moment immediately after she found out. Two weeks ago she re-shared that video and noted she felt empowered by the big moment. She also explained that she realized women in show business are subjected to more scrutiny than men. Jamil went on to state that she believes women aren’t afforded the same redemption opportunities as male public figures either. In her repost, Hilaria agreed and noted she too could relate to the negative thoughts Jamil was having. 

Hilaria Baldwin shared that she’s battled "darkness" in the past.
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“1. I’m so proud of you,” she wrote. “2. I relate to this so much. 3. So much online bullying. Harassment. Tabloid harassment drives us to want to not go on anymore. One day I’ll share my darkest moments with you. We think we are alone when in reality we are not and this is so common. We don’t have to suffer in silence if we connect with each other and stand up for what  is right.” 

In a follow-up, Baldwin shared another line from Jamil’s story encouraging women to “Just. Keep. Going.” in the face of similar adversity. She went on to state that she has “experienced such darkness” and vowed to do everything in her power to prevent other women from going through the same thing. 

Baldwin is currently at the heart of a public-facing controversy stemming from her husband, Alec Baldwin, being involved in the highly publicized on-set shooting incident in November that left a woman dead on the set of an indie-Western movie that he was working on in New Mexico. Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed and director Joel Souza was wounded when a gun that Baldwin was holding fired, discharging a live round that was not supposed to be on the set. 

Hilaria Baldwin discussed negative public attention and the spiral  of depression it can cause.
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Hilaria has been posting messages of support for her husband, who she says is battling PTSD as a result of the incident. Meanwhile, she herself was at the heart of a scandal last year when she was accused of exaggerating her Spanish heritage. Many accused her of implying she was born in Spain but it came to light she was actually born in Boston and that her family merely traveled to Spain frequently. People online also noticed that her accent seemed to fluctuate over the years when she made TV appearances. 

Hilaria concluded her Instagram Story on the matter Sunday evening by sharing another post from Jamil and noting that teamwork among famous women is necessary. 

Alec Baldwin has been getting support from his wife amid the "Rust" shooting controversy. 
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“We can rise above this [sh–] that we all have suffered. Better together. Defend each other. Because lives depend on it.”

This is merely the latest in a recent string of posts from Hilaria in which she lambastes her online critics and the media for negative coverage of her and her husband as they continue to find themselves at the heart of massive public scandals. 

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