Hot Bods: Nigel Tan and Priscilla Chan

Nigel Tan, 22


Height: 1.7m Weight: 74kg

Exercise regimen: I go to the gym six times a week and train for about 1½ hours per session. I work on different body parts each day. For example, on Monday I focus on my chest and back; on Tuesday, shoulders, and on Wednesday, my legs. Then I’ll repeat the exercises for the next three days. I used to play water polo, now I swim as a form of cardio exercise.

Diet: I do not have a strict diet but sometimes I do watch what I eat. My meals usually consist of chicken breast, vegetables and some rice. I also drink a lot of water. After my workouts, I’ll take a protein shake.

Priscilla Chan, 29

Project executive

Height: 1.6m Weight: 47kg

Exercise regimen: I run three times a week. On Tuesdays I join the New Balance Run Club for 8-10km runs. On Wednesdays, I do track running at CCAB, Evans Road, with another run club called Yellowfish. Saturdays are my solo long runs. I’ll run from Aljunied to Marina Barrage and back. The distance is about 10km.

Diet: To prepare for my first full marathon early this month on the Gold Coast in Australia, I followed a strict diet for two months. My meals consisted of two hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, fish soup noodles for lunch, and fruit for dinner. If I’m not training, I don’t watch my diet. I love spicy food like mala. However, I’ve cut out sugary drinks from my diet and replaced it with warm water instead.

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