Jamie Spears Says Suspending him From Conservatorship was Loss for Britney

Jamie Spears says his ousting from Britney’s conservatorship will only hurt his daughter, and having a stranger take his place in her life is the complete opposite of what Britney needs.

Jamie’s lawyer, Vivian Thoreen, goes after the judge for suspending Jamie and appointing CPA John Zabel in his place to temporarily manage her estate.

But Thoreen then bores in on the attacks against Jamie, saying he was the one who stepped in 13 years ago when no one else would … noting Britney agreed to establish the conservatorship.Thoreen says, “This included helping her revive here career and re-establish a relationship with her children.”

As for Britney’s anger toward Jamie, Thoreen says, “For anyone who has tried to help a family member dealing with mental health issues, they can appreciate the tremendous amount of daily worry and work this required.”

Of course, Jamie was hammered by the public, Britney’s attorneys and even his own daughter in court … saying he controlled, mentally abused and even prevented her from being married or having kids. Thoreen says Jamie made the choice to keep his mouth shut during the “false, speculative and unsubstantiated attacks.”

And then the attorney went after Britney’s lawyer, saying Jamie — not Matt Rosengart — was the one who actually asked the judge to end the conservatorship immediately.  She says Rosengart objected to pulling the plug now.  As we reported, Rosengart wanted 30 – 45 days to review the books to determine if there was misappropriation of assets or other abuse … and presumably he wanted the judge to retain jurisdiction toward that end.”

Thoreen says flatly, “Mr. Spears loves his daughter Britney unconditionally … Mr. Spears will continue to look out for the best interests of his daughter and work in good faith towards a position resolution of all matters.”

The next hearing is set for November 12th, and it seems very possible if not likely the judge will end the conservatorship during that hearing.

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