Jeffree Star starts beef with Kylie Jenner again over her skincare line

Jeffree Star isn’t in the game to make friends, and he’s continuing to insult other celebrities and skincare lines as he goes.

The YouTuber turned makeup mogul previously put his feud with Kylie Jenner to bed, but now he’s started it again by calling Kylie Skin a “cash grab.”

After Kylie Jenner dropped the teaser on her line earlier today, Jeffree responded with “Hahahaha.”

He was called out by a fan of Kylie’s, and Jeffree explained it was his job to save people from another “celebrity cash grab.” Kylie hasn’t responded to the controversy, as she only recently posted the “teaser” for her products.

“You should probably have a seat, because as a human being on this planet I’m allowed to comment on anyone’s releases, it’s also my job… Her first skin care drop was a complete joke and was basically a money grab so relax before trying to come for me. I’d rather save millions of people money then letting them be ripped off by a celebrity,” he wrote.

Jeffree Star and his good friend, Shane Dawson, recently tried Kylie Skin and lambasted the product. Jeffree stated that he’d buy it to help “pick up his dog’s poo,” but that otherwise, he felt it was mediocre and “basic.”

Jeffree Star is well-known for creating controversy with other social media stars to attract attention to his channel and work.

He currently has his own line of make-up products, Jeffree Star Cosmetics which do well themselves.  They are often sold in stores alongside Kylie’s products.

He has made so many enemies on YouTube that he’s done an entire video dedicated to “a face full of brands who hate me,” by doing his face exclusively with brands that he’s formerly had problems with.

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