Jennifer Aniston, 52, goes make-up free in selfie while only sporting a towel

Jennifer Aniston shares her highlights of 2021

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Actress extraordinaire Jennifer Aniston, perhaps most celebrated for her performances as Rachel in Friends back in the 1990s, took the photo of her bouncy, voluminous hair with a nod to her haircare line @lolavie. Meanwhile she gave fans a glimpse of her cleavage peeking up from above the bath towel she’d wrapped around herself.

Okay humidity!

Jennifer Aniston

“Okay humidity!” she wrote. “Let’s go… @lolavie.”

The haircare website, which has 383,000 followers to Jennifer’s 39.3 million, quickly spotted the post and praised: “Yess natural curls”. (sic)

Although, some fans pointed out that they were actually loose waves.

“There… there’s no curls though,” pointed out @morgandontcare jokingly.

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Meanwhile others were simply keen to get their hands on the products, asking “How can we get this in the UK?”

The blue tick verified @therealaliwentworth responded, exclaiming: “Sexy bed hair though….”

@Sarafoster added: “Honestly, I’m very into it.”

“MY HEART IS BEATING SO FAST RN”, claimed @jenimilena of the snap.

Meanwhile @eng._andressa joked: “Monica’s humidity hair” in a reference to her co-star Courteney Cox’s character in Friends, before promising she was “kidding”.

It seems not just to be Jennifer’s Instagram followers who are raving over her wavy locks.

In 1998, she had a very bizarre experience on the David Letterman show when she was cornered by the host, who then proceeded to lick her hair.

“Forgive me if this is rude. I just want to try one thing,” he said, before creepily snatching a tendril of her hair and placing it in his mouth, totally unannounced.

Jennifer shrieked in confusion, appearing alarmed and then disgusted as he loomed so close.

Afterwards, he handed her a tissue to wipe her hair down.

The host then accused Jennifer of “ruining” the experience for him with her loud shriek.

“How do you think I felt? You ruined it for me. Are you happy?” he quizzed her.

In the bizarre exchange, the confused actress shocked the audience by apologising.

Jennifer then struggled to explain the plot of the film she was there to promote, Object Of My Affection.

David Letterman challenged: “You’re still traumatised by that hair deal”, only for her to respond: “I am.”

He then made a joke about taking a 12-step program to “get over” the experience.

Luckily, there was no trauma at all on Jennifer’s face as she showcased the results of her hair care products recently.

Plus it was announced this week that The Morning Show, which she hosts in the USA along with Reese Witherspoon has been renewed for a third season, meaning that fans can catch a glimpse of her on screen very soon.

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