Kelly Rowland Reveals the Tunes That Kicks Her Workouts into High Gear

Kelly Rowland recently shared a bikini shot on Instagram that proves the singer is in seriously killer shape.

The celebrated musician doesn’t mess around when it comes to health and fitness. She shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about what it takes to keep her energy level high enough to maintain her busy schedule not only as a musician but as a mom.

She revealed that a balance of smart nutrition and workouts keeps her in top condition. Rowland also dished about which tunes keep her energy levels high during her intense workouts. Plus, she shared the surprising music that got her into such a relaxed state, she drifted off to sleep.

This album gives Kelly Rowland’s workouts more power

Rowland is not messing around when it comes to fitness. “What am I doing now?” she asks. “I’m doing high-intensity and low-intensity training. I’ve always been sensitive about the tops of my thighs. So I’ve been going really hard on weights and having a lot of fun actually!”

When it comes to maintaining a high energy level, having some powerful tunes to back up your training can help. So what does an iconic musician like Rowland listen to during one of her intense workouts? “The whole Watch the Throne album by Jay-Z and Kanye,” she exclaimed.

Because she needs to get into zone immediately, she kicks off her workouts with this power jam. “I play ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ immediately,” she shares. ‘It completely gets me into that frame of mind and I’m ready!”

While Jay-Z may get her pumped for her hardcore workouts, another kind of music allows her to find her zen. Her go-to for relaxation is to listen to recording artist Sade. But she then shared that opera seems to really take her there too. “Funny enough, I was just listening to opera the other day on the plane and I was in such a relaxed state, for some reason it balanced me and I fell asleep after the third high note.”

Want to know what Rowland does for her workouts?

How can mere mortals achieve Rowland’s toned physique? She works out with a trainer, but also trains alone, especially when she’s on the road. Rowland says she appreciates the coaching aspect of having a trainer and reveals the circuits she does when she’s traveling.

“Circuits include a lot of squats,” she says. “I do a lot of leg lifts, push-ups, burpees, which I hate. I hate burpees but they are so effective. Mountain climbers, which I hate, but are so effective. But a lot of weights with my legs because that’s what I’m trying to get muscular.”

“I feel like my entire circle of women from Serena to Ciara to ‘B,’ they all have these beautiful muscles in their legs and I keep thinking how I want to be part of this crew,” she adds. Meanwhile, check out Rowland’s latest bikini shot. Looks like she’s already there.

Nutrition is a big part of staying fit

Rowland knows what she eats makes a tremendous impact on her health too. One go-to snack she enjoys are Honey Nut Cheerios. “I love the fact that Honey Nut Cheerios has put together this [Happy Hearts] health campaign,” she says. “And the CDC says one in three people have high cholesterol. I can count at least five of my friends on my hand who are dealing with high cholesterol.”

As part of the program, Honey Nut Cheerios partnered with MyFitnessPal for the Whole Hearts Challenge. From now through August, consumers can participate in the challenge on MyFitnessPal for a chance to win badges, points and even prizes worth up to $5,000.

Rowland takes her nutrition as seriously as she does her workouts. In addition to snacking on Honey Nut Cheerios, she is also into almond butter and rice cakes with a little honey drizzle.

“My problem is my sweet tooth,” she shares. “But also in the morning, eggs for the protein. And I love my cereal that I share with my son.” She adds that like many parents, Cheerios was one of her child’s first foods.

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