Khloe Kardashian 'Really Struggling' With Tristan Drama This Time – And Leaning On Momma Kris!

Wow, it sounds like this is really hitting Khloé Kardashian hard this time…

In the wake of her baby daddy Tristan Thompson being confirmed to have fathered a child with another woman — who also claimed they had an affair for months — the KUWTK alum is keeping mum about her feelings. Heck, we’ve hardly even gotten the usual Cryptic Khloé Instagram posts not-so-subtly telling us to go eff ourselves for being interested in the drama of someone whose brand is selling the drama of her life as prime time entertainment.

One could mistake the silence for moving on, growing cold, not letting any of this touch her. After all, no one could blame her if she was finally able to switch off the part of her heart devoted to Tristan. The NBA star cheated on her more times than we can count, and that’s just the ones that are public record.

You’d think she’d be prepared for the familiar sting of a scorpion being a scorpion. But that’s not the case, according to a source spilling to People magazine on Wednesday night. The insider says it’s actually worse this time:

“Khloé is really struggling with what’s happening with Tristan. This time that he was unfaithful has been much harder than the previous times. She really wants the relationship to work and she has been devastated.”

It sounds like she really bought into the act that he had changed and that things were different this time. It did seem that he was able to be the man Khloé wanted during the pandemic — you know, when the lockdown and lack of away games really cut off the basketballer’s options in the hooking-up-with-strangers department.

The source continued:

“ wanted the fairytale life with him and she’s so upset. People around her have never seen her so down and are so thankful she has her mother there who has barely left her side.”

Yep, according to this insider, the one person she’s been able to really turn to amid all this heartache is Kris Jenner. So sweet, right?

But the momager isn’t just coddling her baby girl with what she wants to hear. The source says:

“She’s leaning heavily on Kris all of the time. But Kris wants Khloé and Tristan to be in a good place so she’s encouraging Khloé to keep the lines of communication open.”

Ooh. Inneresting. Obviously healthy co-parenting is important. But what if two people can never be in a good place? If one just can’t help but lie, and the other can’t help but fall for it over and over? You know, for instance.

But we trust Kris has Khloe’s best interest at heart. We just selfishly hope we get to see some of this drama play out onscreen in their upcoming Hulu show. You know, because that’s why they have one.

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