Influencer Brittany Renner DEMOLISHES The Fresh & Fit Podcast Hosts Over Sexist Comments In Viral Video!

One woman has gone viral on social media for destroying two guys who made some sexist comments right in front of her!

It all went down when influencer Brittany Renner joined the hosts of the Fresh & Fit podcast Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes for an episode of DJ AkademiksOff The Record podcast this week. At one point, the 29-year-old confronted the men about some remarks they spewed during an off-air conversation, in which Gaines apparently said that he tends to warn guys about women like Brittany. She said on the podcast episode:

“You said that you warn guys about girls like me, so tell me about girls like me. Humor me.”

Gaines then replied that the comment was about “just women in general…” However, Renner quickly cut him off and fired back:

“Don’t ‘women in general’ ’cause you literally, specifically said before we got on here, that you did say that you warn guys about girls like me. So, now that we’re face to face, what kind of girl am I?”

The podcast host then responded:

“You’re not special. You’re like other girls.”

What the f**k…

That is when the social media personality went in and slammed them for their misogyny and sexism, asking Gaines what made him special then. When he did not have an answer for her, she questioned what he gets out of telling women that they are “not special” at all:

“What do you gain from telling girls that they are not special? How does that make you feel?”

After a long pause from the two men, Renner continued:

“I know everything is a joke but I am asking you a real question. So how does that make you feel? ‘Cause if I say, ‘You’re a bitch ass n*****,’ that does something for me, right? If I insult you or if I tell you you’re not special, you’re forgettable, what does that do for me?”

The momma then clapped back that because Gaines and Weekes were so “forgettable,” she previously rejected their invitation to come onto their podcast, noting that she hated the setup and the name was “underwhelming.” Renner then added:

“I didn’t really see the value in it. That’s how I feel.”

Let’s just say they were really quiet after that! You can ch-ch-check out the viral moment (below):


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