Logan Paul to Floyd Mayweather, 'You're Gonna Quit in 6 Old Man'

Logan Paul sincerely believes he’s going to beat Floyd Mayweather into submission — predicting TBE will throw in the towel by the 6th round.

The 26-year-old says he’s been training his ass off for the June 6th fight — and has been visualizing how it will go.

“I’ve tried for over the past 8 months to put myself in the future and imagine how I would feel when the time came down to it and yeah, it’s here. Another day at the office.”

Get this … Logan also says he REALLY thought someone from Floyd’s camp would approach him with a massive bribe to throw the fight — but he insists that never came to fruition.

“I was waiting for the guy in the black suit to approach me and be like ‘Yo, we’ll pay you $50 million dollars to throw this fight. We can’t afford Floyd losing’ … but it never happened.”

Logan says he wouldn’t have taken a cent anyway — “I don’t even care about the money. I just wanna beat Floyd Mayweather.”

As for his bro, Jake Paul — who famously stole Floyd’s baseball hat during a media event back in may — Logan says he’ll be at the fight, but he will NOT be one of the cornermen.

“Jake will not be in my corner but he will be at the fight. Banning him from the event is bad business … so he’ll be there.”

Logan also has a message for his fans — “The question is gonna be … where were you when Logan Paul beat Floyd Mayweather?!?! You’re gonna remember that moment. You don’t wanna miss it! Trust me!”

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