Love Island’s Dami ‘coupling up’ with Summer claim the boys after new secret handshake

Tuesday night's episode of Love Island saw Luca Bish and Jacques O'Neill predict that Dami Hope is going to couple up with Casa Amor girl Summer Botwe.

Since the original girls left for Casa Amor, the Islanders have been exploring new connections with the addition of six new boys and six new girls.

Whilst the girls have been getting to know the new boys, many of the original guys have certainly been getting even closer to the new girls, especially Dami Hope who enjoyed a kiss on the terrace with Summer. Dami is currently in a couple with original girl Indiyah Polack.

Near the end of last night's episode, Dami could also be seen doing a handshake with Summer, causing the Luca and Jacques to watch and gush about the potential couple's chemistry.

Watching Dami and Summer from afar, Luca said to Jacques: "I think Dami's gone mate," to which Jacques replied: "Yeah 100%. He's gone, he's coupling up with her mate."

Jacques then added: "I bet he has mint chant you know! I can't do s**t like that."

Luca then said: "Look at them, they're having a proper good time. Did he used to do that with Indiyah?"

The boys both agreed in unison that Dami and Indiyah didn't appear to have the same chemistry as he does with Summer.

Speaking in the beach hut, Dami said: "It's pretty cosy, it's pretty good. Like easy to talk to, we just talk about random stuff, everything.

"You know, tried to put a few kisses in there. I like softies, I like people that are actually just nice.

He added: "She's giving me a lot of energy which is nice and the silences aren't even awkward. It's just nice to talk to her. I feel like we're able to bounce off each other and she's a vibey person, great personality and a very good looking girl."

Whilst Indiyah hasn't engaged in any kissing outside of challenges, she has been getting to know Casa Amor boy Deji, who has taken a liking to her.

Although the two have been flirting with one another, there's no telling whether she will be bringing Deji back the villa just yet.


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