People assume I’m dumb Barbie – but I’m smartest bikini model youd ever meet

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A hot bikini model says people assume she’s dumb because of her enviable good looks and sultry social media snaps.

But Alice Connors said the misconception was ludicrous – especially because she is bilingual and has qualifications in law, psychology and business.

The blonde bombshell, who was born in Bristol but has lived in London since she was 10, spoke with Daily Star about the ignorant assumptions.

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She said: “It is frustrating and it happens all the time. You could easily get targeted with a brush and people think you are not who you are.

“Even my family used to say things like ‘that might look a bit revealing’ but it’s about drawing the attention of the crowd and being able to get to where I am today.

“Deep down I have morals and I’m sophisticated.

“Bikini modelling is going to help me get out there and be noticed. And I enjoy it and it makes me happy.”

Alice is competing to be a cover girl for sexy men’s magazine Maxim – but when she is not modelling she can usually be found studying.

Her first job was in business and the attractive model is also a qualified psychologist and legal executive.

“I study to get a better understanding of people,” she explained. “Education is really important and it makes you wiser and you can make better decisions.

“When you study multiple things you can walk into a room with a thousand different people and you can relate to some sort of subject or see where someone is coming from.

“I model and do shows but I could never stop my studies. It also opens different doors. I’m 25 and I’ve made sure to study everything I possibly could.

“When I feel like I’m old enough to settle down and create my own family I can open other doors to get into any business I want.”

And Alice said the people with misconceptions about her intelligence are often surprised to learn the truth.

She said: “They always say it’s unusual and they’ve never spoken to someone my age who can speak multiple languages and have all these qualifications, who is an entrepreneur who doesn’t follow a single person on social media and who isn’t out there dating every other guy.”

But despite her brains, Alice, who also speaks Spanish, said she is often mistaken for a real-life Barbie when on modelling shoots.

She said: “I get that a lot with the blonde hair and the whole look. I’ve never called myself a Barbie.

“But I go to world championship shows and they turn the Barbie song on for me and they call me Barbie all day and they forget my name.”

Alice is now counting on votes to become the cover of Maxim and she is using the exposure to support the Jordan Porco Foundation – which promotes mental health and strives to prevent suicide.

And asked why she has been helping the foundation, Alice said: “From being a qualified psychologist I know that no matter what job you are doing, how much money you have or how famous you are, anyone can suffer from mental health.

“That’s why I studied to be a psychologist and did all my qualifications – I love making people feel happy.”


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