Maci Bookout Gets Accused of Plastic Surgery, Makes Surprising Confession!

The stars of the Teen Mom franchise were discovered in small towns all over America, plucked from obscurity, and thrust into overnight fame.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that most of them have undergone cosmetic procedures in order to correct their “flaws” and “perfect” their appearances.

The latest to be accused of going under the knife is Maci Bookout.

Maci is widely considered to be among the more down-to-earth of all the moms, but like her castmates, she lives her life in front of an audience of millions these days.

And a Snapchat photo posted this week has fans openly speculating about how much work Bookout has had done.

When fans laid eyes on the photo above, many were quick to jump to the conclusion that Maci had had some major work done.

“Doesn’t look like Maci at all,” one commenter wrote, according to The Sun.

“Did [Maci] have a face job and nose job? I almost don’t recognize her,” another added.

A third follower was a bit more understanding, noting that Maci might just be taking advantage of one of Snapchat post popular features.

“Just super filtered,” this person wrote.

It turns out they were partially correct.

Maci herself joined the chat at that point, and she was refreshingly candid about her altered appearance.

“It’s a Snapchat filter but I do like my Botox,” she wrote.

Maci is the type who would likely admit it if she had gone under the knife, so we can probably trust her on this one.

After all, Mrs. Bookout-McKinney has endured one PR crisis after another in recent months, and as far as we can tell, she’s been upfront about her situation the entire time.

First, Maci’s husband, Taylor McKinney, was accused of racism and homophobia in connection with tweets and Facebook statuses he posted several years ago.

Shortly thereafter, Maci got into some social media trouble of her own when she retweeted a bogus rumor about Kailyn Lowry suffering a miscarriage.

After all that, we doubt Maci would run the risk of enduring further criticism by lying about what sort of procedures she’s undergone.

And unlike some of her co-stars, Maci seems to have zero interest in misleading the public regarding the details of her personal life.

She’s been open about struggling with the pressures of fame at times.

But she’s never been caught lying in order to give a false impression about the kind of life she leads.

So we guess Maci undergoes the occasional Botox session in order to maintain a more youthful appearance,

As far as Teen Mom confessions go, this one is about as non-scandalous as they get.

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