Martin Lewis left feeling guilty over work for Good Morning Britain: Cant shake it

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Martin Lewis, 49, has candidly admitted to his Twitter followers that he needs to tweak his work ethos, as he doesn’t know when to switch off. The Money Saving Expert told his 1.1 million Twitter followers how he felt.

Ridiculous, illogical, but can’t shake it.

Martin Lewis

He said: “Need to tweak my work ethos.

“Been working since 5am for @gmb and doing the same tomorrow.

“I know it’s time to finish work now and get up from my desk to relax, but it is only 4pm I’m feeling guilty and stressed about stopping.

“Ridiculous, illogical, but can’t shake it.”

Fans of Martin’s were quick to give him some advice in the comments.

One said: “You can guarantee you won’t feel stressed when you are 6ft under.

“Don’t work yourself into an early grave, and enjoy yourself.”

Another said: “8 hours for work, 8 hours for yourself and 8 hours sleep.

“It’s not being selfish, it is being a rounded human being.

“Burn out does no one any good.”

Martin is very dedicated to what he does, which has been proven by his success.

The Money Saving Expert is an award-winning journalist, TV and radio presenter and newspaper columnist to name a few of his job titles.

He recently returned to work after some well deserved time off to relax with his family.

Martin returned to Twitter on September 1 with a candid post about stress.

He said: “Hello & good morning. Hope you’re all well.

“Today is my 1st day back here after a month long media sabbatical.

“I’m actually finding returning a tad intimidating.

“I’ve realised how much of my stress levels social media generates.

“So aiming to keep it relatively chill for now!”

The hard working star does not seem to have found his blissful path back to his busy lifestyle since his return.

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