Meghan and Harry's Personal Album: All 114 Photos They've Shared of Their Private Life at Home

My photo booth pics definitely look this good, it’s fine.

Mom and Dad.

Sorry not done with these yet.

They look so happy and relaxed!

The fact that they took screenshots of their FaceTimes 😭.

And the fact that they shared them with us 😭😭😭.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to sleep in the same bed as Prince Harry, here ya go.

Pretty sure that’s a photo of Harry stuck on Meghan’s laptop.

Meghan took a leap of faith and joined Harry in Africa for an impromptu trip—despite only having gone on a few dates.

Their vacation pics >>>>>

I’m going to need several moments.

Rose and Jack vibes, but she’d let him on the raft.

To think this was happening and the rest of us had literally no idea.

Nothing but respect for MY king of England.

Is it weird if I frame this, y/n?

Me when there’s free pizza in the break room.

Not me crying over some polaroids of a couple I’ve never met….

*zooms in*


Not your average Duke and Duchess.

I demand to know who’s taking these photos and how I can replace them.

Behold: Meghan and Harry’s last night of privacy before news of their relationship went public.

Naturally, Harry had to wear a full disguise.

And his cousin Princess Eugenie happened to be there!

With her then-boyfriend (now husband) Jack Brooksbank.

FYI, Eugenie and Meghan are still close friends.

Here’s Meghan chilling with Harry and his friends ahead of their engagement.

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