Kylie Jenner's Beauty Company Sued Over Coty Cosmetics Buyout Deal

Kylie Jenner‘s company is getting dragged into court … all for allegedly refusing to guarantee it won’t spill another company’s secret formula to success.

Kylie’s beauty brand, King Kylie, has been sued by Seed Beauty — the company she’s done business with since 2016 to help produce her unique line of products — and they’re claiming a mega-deal she recently struck with huge beauty conglomerate, Coty, is going to leave give all Seed’s valuable tricks of the trade to a competitor.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Seed says they’ve been providing their valuable recipe to makeup success to Kylie and co. for years now — which they claim helped catapult her (if only briefly) into billionaire status.

Her beauty boom, they claim, is largely due to Seed’s trade secrets … but now, they allege those are at risk of getting distributed to Coty … their competition.

Of course, you already know Kylie signed an incredibly lucrative deal with Coty recently that gave up the majority stake in her company in exchange for $600 million.

Leading up to that agreement, Seed claims Kylie’s company refused to sufficiently assure Seed it would NOT spill their trade secrets … which Seed assumes Coty will use to boost the conglomerate. Because of that, Seed says it has no choice but to ask a judge to block Kylie and Coty from using the trade secrets.

Our beauty biz sources tell us there’s no real “secret” to their success, it’s the Kardashian/Jenner brand as a whole … not to mention their hundreds of millions of followers across social media.

Now, this is very similar to the lawsuit Seed filed against Kim Kardashian‘s beauty company last week — which happened days before she struck a cushy Coty deal of her own.

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