Pete Davidson Gets Blue Origin Launch Date, Other Passengers Revealed

Pete Davidson is officially taking off, not just in his celebrity status — but in space too … ’cause he’s now got a launch date for the next manned flight that Jeff Bezos sends up in the air … and he’s learned who his fellow passengers will be as well.

The announcement was made Monday … Pete’s going to be joining 5 others on the forthcoming mission, which is scheduled to hit the skies and beyond on March 23 (next Wednesday) in West Texas. It’ll be Blue Origin’s fourth human flight.

As far as who else he’s going with — all of whom are paying customers BTW — Pete will be joined by Party America CEO Marty Allen, hubby and wife duo Sharon and Marc Hagle, entrepreneur Jim Kitchen and Commercial Space Technologies Prez Dr. George Nield.

And, of course … there’s Pete, whom we’re told continued talks with Bezos about potentially going up back in January, when he had dinner with the guy in L.A.

Another cool thing about this flight, specifically, is that it’ll be incorporating a kids element — namely, through a program called Postcards to Space … which is being deployed by Blue Origin’s foundation, Club for the Future. It’s actually kinda neat.

Essentially, students write up postcards that they’d like to see in the stars, and Blue Origin provides the vehicle to get their dreams into orbit … carried by all the different passengers. The whole idea is to encourage young people to join STEM fields as they pursue their education.

Pete will join a growing list of celebs that have already gone up, including Michael Strahan and William Shatner. Bezos himself also went up during the initial manned-flight.

Exciting stuff, no doubt!

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