Piers Morgan blasts Lord Sugar over Rishi Sunak comments

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Piers Morgan and Lord Alan Sugar’s attitudes to one another over recent years have ranged from friendly rivalry and banter to full on war, with Piers even being compared to Hitler on one occasion. When the two were snapped on holiday together earlier in the year, after Piers had said he would “never forgive” his frenemy, it seemed as though the pair really had let sleeping dogs lie, but Alan reignited the argument when he called out Piers for publishing “old news” about the PM.

Yesterday, Piers had tweeted: “BREAKING: Boris Johnson pulls out of Conservative Party’s leadership race, paving the way for @RishiSunak to become Britain’s next Prime Minister. Great news.”

Yet Alan leapt into the thread to taunt caustically: “Wow ace reporter Morgan this is old news wake up. Did you hear the Titanic sank @piersmorgan.”

Piers fired back: “I tweeted that 14 hours ago. You off your meds again?”

Some of Piers’ 7.9 million followers then jumped in with their own comedic responses, with one, David, writing: “The titanic hasn’t sank cause Morgan hasn’t reported about it!”

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However, @TheExiledRobin chimed in: “Come back when you work out how Twitter timelines work, my Lord!”

@AlexMiller91 then joked: “Love a jab at Morgan as much as the next man, Shuggs, but bruv.. he tweeted this 14 hours ago.” (sic)

@ZakHibbert joined the debate to aim a jibe at Alan, joking: “u defo sugar cos you seem damn salty?” (sic)

Piers followed up his tweets about Rishi Sunak to celebrate that he had become the new prime minister, praising him as “the first British-Asian PM & first Hindu PM, and at 42, the youngest PM in modern times”. (sic)

He then added: “The fact the Labour Party has never had anything but white male leaders, by contrast to the Conservatives who’ve now had three female leaders and two male leaders from ethnic backgrounds, is pretty embarrassing given their relentless virtue-signalling about diversity.”

Meanwhile, over on his own Twitter account, Alan was capitalising on his The Apprentice reputation by flogging desktop Alan Sugar figurines which would waggle their arms at unsuspecting recipients with his “famous firing finger”.

“Do you know someone who needs a good talking to and firing? Put the SUGARFIRE Sugar-nator on their desk and I will wave my firing finger at them all day long,” he joked, promising that proceeds would include a donation to charity.

Piers and Alan have had a longstanding feud, which first began way back in 2007, when Alan Sugar publicly humiliated Piers in front of a TV audience of almost seven million people.

He fired the broadcaster from Comic Relief Does The Apprentice, after Piers bragged that he could get a star-studded guest list of rockstars and supermodels to attend a charity funfair but dismally failed.

Since then, Alan has publicly ribbed him many times, once even joking that he defended Piers, chuckling: “When people tweet him and say for example, ‘You’re not fit to live with the pigs’, I come back and say, ‘No, stop it, because he is’, you know?”

Then when Piers called for government ministers to come on his show and be held accountable for decisions made relating to the coronavirus pandemic, Alan exclaimed: “What minister in their right mind would want to go on @gmb to be abused and bullied by @piersmorgan?”

He followed up by suggesting the short-tempered broadcaster didn’t really “give a s***” about the topic and was using it to try to boost his personal profile.

Mischievous Alan once even purchased a paperweight featuring Donald Trump having his bottom licked by Piers and displayed the gold-plated statue mirthfully on Twitter.

However, the pair seemed to have made up when a photo was published over the summer of the pair together in St Tropez, even if Piers mockingly described it as a picture with one of his fans.

He is yet to comment on the interview Piers published with rapper Kanye West last week, when Piers praised his apology for antisemitic comments, just minutes after he had insisted he was “absolutely not” sorry.

Kanye also caused offence during the interview by falsely suggesting that George Floyd’s death was caused by an overdose, and not by the policeman who kneed him in the neck, only to seemingly backtrack later and suggest it was a “premeditated death”.

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