Princess Mako doesnt have any plans to give Sussex-style interviews right now

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Princess Mako and Kei Komuro were married in a quiet civil ceremony this week in Japan. They waited ten years to marry, mostly because the Japanese royal family refused to grant permission to the marriage, and because the Japanese press went after both of them like their names were Meghan and Harry. Kei and Mako are headed to New York, where they will likely rent a one-bedroom apartment. Kei already has a job at a good law firm (although he’s still waiting to see if he passed the bar) and reportedly Mako will look for a job as well. She refused her dowry of over a million dollars and now she’s free and clear of her family. People Magazine finally translated Kei and Mako’s statements at their post-wedding media conference and some of the answers are heartbreaking.

Mako on their new life: “We will be starting a new life. I am sure we will encounter difficulties along the way. But just as we have until now, I want to continue joining forces [with Kei], and walking together side by side. Our loyalty to each other is thanks to our devotion to one another and thanks to the presence of all those who supported us. There are many who understand the difficulty of living while protecting our hearts. I hope that we can create a society where we can all live and support each other’s feelings.”

Kei wants to start a family: “I would like to make a warm family life with Mako. At the same time, I would like to do everything in my power to support her. During happy times and even those that are not, I would like to stand by her, and be an invaluable part of her existence.”

Mako on whether or not they will give interviews in America, like the Sussexes: “It is sad for me to receive this sort of question, which may give the impression that false information is a fact. We have never considered our engagement to be a ‘scandal,’ though unfortunately there have been some disputes. We have been horrified, scared and saddened by the fact that false information has been taken as fact and that unfounded stories have spread. As for the comparison, I don’t have any particular thoughts. I would like to refrain from answering any questions about my future personal life. I am not considering giving any interviews at the moment. What I would like is just to lead a peaceful life in my new environment.”

Mako on her PTSD: “Regarding the criticism online and in the media, I felt a strong fear that an unwarranted story and mistaken information for some reason was being presented as the truth. I decided to publicly announce my PTSD due to its relationship to the wedding. My condition is currently not entirely good by any means. But thanks to the help of those around me, I have somehow managed to make it to today. Kei has also supported me and encouraged me.”

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Kei just seems like a good guy. And Mako seems burned out by all the negativity and hate she’s received. Once again, it just feels short-sighted on the part of the media and the royal family, which is the same thing that happened with Harry and Meghan: better inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in. The priority should have been to keep Mako and Kei in Japan and have them be productive members of Japanese society. But short-sighted a–holes do the darndest things so here we are. Mako and Kei found their freedom and they get to live their lives on their own terms.

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