Ray Lewis Is Withdrawing from ‘DWTS’ Due to an Injury

Ray Lewis and his pro partner Cheryl Burke will be withdrawing from Dancing With the Stars during tonight’s episode.

The 44-year-old former NFL star has sustained an injury that is forcing him to leave the competition, according to Entertainment Tonight.

During the first elimination of the season at the end of last week’s episode, Ray was in the bottom two, but the judges voted to keep him on the show.

Over the weekend, Ray put up a post in which he praised people who find time to rest over the weekend.

“We need to stop glorifying the person who works all weekend and rather praise the person who succeeds in finding balance between work, family, and rest. Our culture of celebrating the workaholic is one of the main reasons we are seeing an increase in mental, emotional, and physical burnout,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

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