Ree Drummond's 'Pitiful' Dogs Had 'The Pioneer Woman' Star's Fans Rooting For Them

Ree Drummond’s Instagram post about her “pitiful” dogs had fans laughing about the pooches’ failed attempts at catching The Pioneer Woman dog treats. Drummond shared slow-motion videos of each of her Basset hounds in action and there were definitely some uncoordinated moments in the mix.

Ree Drummond shared her dogs’ ‘pitiful’ attempts at catching treats

On Dec. 8, Drummond took to Instagram with a series of cute videos of her dogs attempting to catch her Pioneer Woman brand dog treats. It’s clear that coordination is not the Basset hounds’ strength.

“This post is as funny as it is sad as it is suspenseful as it is inspirational as it is pitiful,” Drummond wrote in the caption. “These are all separate videos of my Bassets attempting to catch The Pioneer Woman Dog Treats in their mouths. Rusty finally gets one at the end, but poor Fred. I just don’t think it’s in the cards for him.”

Her dog Walter seemed to have the best idea, bypassing the need to get the timing down by grabbing the treat immediately from Drummond’s hand. “Walter, in his old age, has figured out that he needs to grab it almost before it even leaves my hand,” she noted. “They all get an E for effort — and you can get my dog treats at @chewy!! They are amazing!”

Her daughter Alex commented, “They’re so graceful.”

Fans loved seeing ‘The Pioneer Woman’ star’s dogs in action

The videos were a hit with Drummond’s followers, who loved watching the dogs try their best. When one fan commented, “Why am I so entertained by their inability?!” another responded, “Right? I’m sitting here saying ‘Come on, you can do it!’”

Another fan shared, “I literally said, “Yay!!!!” when he finally caught his treat!”

One person commented, “I said “YES!!!” when Rusty caught it. I was really rooting for them.”

Many fans said the sweet slo-mo dog videos brightened their day. “I just laughed so hard at this,” one fan wrote, while another person shared, “I found this hilarious!! In slow motion as well.”

One of Drummond’s fans thanked her for the “good laugh” and another commented, “So adorable. I’m ending my day with a big smile!!”

Chewy had an idea that Drummond was very on board with: “We need an Olympic race after this and someone needs to play ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor.”

The dogs helped out on the Drummond ranch

Drummond often posts pics of her beloved dogs and fans especially loved a Dec. 3 Instagram post that showed two Bassets “helping” Ladd Drummond.

The Pioneer Woman star gave photo credit to her husband, who captured a picturesque moment of ranch life. Drummond noted in the caption: “Ladd helped the Bassets feed cattle this morning. (They let him tag along from time to time, you see.) Fred and Rusty keep this place running! According to them.”

Fans were struck not only with seeing the two handsome dogs, but also by the sight of the sunrise appearing to get a smile from a passing flock of birds.

Many of her followers gushed about the dogs, with comments like: “So nice of Fred and Rusty to help Ladd,” “Behind every great man is a great dog … or two,” and “Awww they are adorable, strapping young lads!”

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