Rick Ross Believes Meek Mill Didnt Shade Him Amid Beef Rumors

When addressing beef rumors between him and Meek, the Maybach Music Group founder insinuates that he is happy if the ‘Going Bad’ spitter finds his own success.

AceShowbizRick Ross believes that Meek Mill has no issue with him. Despite beef rumors between the two, the record executive assumed that the “Going Bad” didn’t aim his jab at him personally.

The 45-year-old offered his two cents in a new interview with “The Morning Hustle” radio show. “I’ma be honest, when Meek taking a jab at anybody, the only way I can assume is he’s doing that at Atlantic Records. All we ever did was get paper and it’s real easy to say a n***a name. Ain’t nothing to– you feel me?” he said.

“I know what it is when me and Meek always got money. He a boss now. We done been down ten years. Is he signed to Maybach Music? Yes, he is. But he’s also a boss and real bosses give other bosses opportunities to become bigger bosses,” the Maybach Music Group founder added. “Go, man. Go buy the biggest s**t in Dubai, man. Let’s go be billionaires.”

“And if I’m only gonna get $7 billion and you get $20 billion, God is great! That’s all it is,” Rick went on explaining. “Is it any pressure? It ain’t no pressure. And always remember, it’s real easy to make it clear when it’s pressure.”

This was not the first time Rick addressed beef rumors between him and Meek. Earlier this month, he told Carl Lamarreon during a sit-down, “I feel like we’re both hustlers… That’s one thing about life, you either grow together or grow apart.”

“As a boss, you make that decision, because whatever it is you want to do, Ricky Rozay wants to see you do it,” the emcee continued. “There’s a lot of people that didn’t last or was still down with me the way Meek is – so I want to see the homie shine regardless.”

Meek previously raised people’s eyebrows after he slammed his label in October. “i haven’t get paid from music and i don’t know how much money labels make off me!!!!! i need lawyers asap!!!” he argued in a since-deleted tweet.

The Philadelphia native further stressed, “ask the record label? how much have you spent on me as a artist? then you ask how much have you made off me as a artist? i’m about to make my record deal public by monday just to let the world see what these people on!!!” However, he did not mention whether he was referring to Maybach Music Group and/or Atlantic Records.

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