Since we said goodbye’ Ulrika Jonsson addresses emotional time for family after Christmas

Ulrika Jonsson recalls 1998 Stan Collymore attack in Paris

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On Wednesday, Ulrika Jonsson took to her Instagram Story as she remembered her pooch, Nessie, who died last Christmas after a mysterious 48-hour health “battle”. While the TV presenter never disclosed what had led to her beloved dog’s death, her demise has been incredibly difficult for the reality star.

Baby girl. A year ago since we said goodbye

Ulrika Jonsson

In her latest social media update, the latter paid tribute to her dog to mark the one-year anniversary of Nessie’s death.

Ulrika posted a photo of her late pet along with the caption, “Baby girl. A year ago since we said goodbye.”

Shortly after Nessie’s death, Ulrika said she was crushed by the heartbreaking news, as she told fans she would keep her beloved pup at her home “as long as we can”.

“Ma grande dame. My first born fur baby,” she said.

“Has spent 48hrs at our lovely vet’s. She’s not going to win this battle. 

“I’ve been beyond distraught and bereft. We will keep her at home as long as we can. My girl.”

Alongside a make-up free selfie, the Celebrity Big Brother winner continued: “All those a**** out there who say ‘stay strong’ foolishly make the assumption you were strong from the start. “

“Some of us are not. Don’t feel the need to stay strong. Just stay. #love”

It hasn’t been an easy month for Ulrika. She recently opened up on some of her worst Christmas experiences, recalling how she spent the festive occasion alone in 1995 after calling it quits with her ex-husband John Turnbull. 

In her column for The Sun, the Sweden-native detailed how her Christmas had been ruined when she and John split, just a few weeks after the latter uncovered his then-wife had cheated on him. 

The pair, who share 27-year-old son Cameron, evidently chose not to spend the holidays together as initially planned.

But Ulrika stressed she didn’t want to keep her son away from his father for Christmas, so she decided they would spend the day together while she stayed at home by herself. 

“The very first Christmas I spent apart from my first husband – a mere two months after my marriage came to an end – I had to bite the bullet and let him have our son,” Ulrika explained.

“I’d been unfaithful and guilt definitely got the better of me.”

She added: “Our son was just over a year old and I spent that Christmas alone.

“It was painful, but it felt like the right and reasonable thing to do.”

These days, things are quite different for the ex-couple, who have continued to co-parent their son without any quarrels, Ulrika asserts. 

“We gradually found our way towards compromise and a Yuletide respect, of sorts,” she concluded.

Following her split from John, she sealed the deal with Lance Gerrard-Wright, whom she was married to from 2003 to 2006. 

Two years later, the TV star was ready to get hitched again when she fell in love with American advertising executive Brian Monet. 

The pair exchanged their vows in a small ceremony in 2008 and were married for a whopping 11 years before divorcing in 2019. 

Ulrika has four children: Cameron, 27, Bo Eva, 21, Martha, 17, and Malcolm, 13.

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