The Bridgerton Season two release date has been announced

Dear Reader, it has been a while since we made an announcement about the Bridgerton clan. Many Bridgerton fans were hoping that season two of would be released on Christmas Day like last year. However there were several filming delays due to covid. We were also disappointed to learn that the sexy AF Duke of Hastings, Rege Jean Page, would not be returning. The story must continue and this season will focus on Anthony Bridgerton and his romance with Kate Sharma. Despite not getting season two of Bridgerton on Christmas, Netflix gifted fans with a special video announcement featuring the Bridgerton cast. In the video, castmembers are surprised to read an announcement from Lady Whistledown that season two is coming on Friday, March 25. Here’s that video.

I am so disappointed that Bridgerton was not able to finish filming in time to be released on Christmas Day but that is ok, I got The Witcher and Emily in Paris instead. But now I have something to look forward to in the spring. I am so looking forward to the story of Kate and Anthony and I have a feeling that season two will be better than season one. Honestly, I don’t care if it’s better, I just wanna see ripping corsets and heaving bosoms.

I didn’t like Anthony in season one because I felt he was over the top and one note, but after watching the first look trailer for season two, I think Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley have chemistry. I have read book two in the Bridgerton series and Kate and Anthony’s story was my favorite. Also, how cute was this damn video? The entire cast looked amazing and I am excited to see how they translate book two to the screen. I am also looking forward to the shenanigans of Queen Charlotte, not only in season two but in her own series that is in development at Netflix. Anyways Bridgerbaes, get your inner middle-aged thotianas in formation because I think things are about to heat up on March 25th, just in time for my birthday.

photos credit: Liam Daniel for Netflix

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